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Hello world! October 16, 2007

Posted by allandlf in Life.

I’m just born today, 15th Oct 2007 at 1:52 pm IST. My dad would name me Allan De Little Flower. Well my dad’s name is Arun and Mom is Liji, so the search for the name with A and L ended up in Allan. Oct 15th is Little Flowers day, hence De Little Flower(Lillies). Allan also means ‘kid’ in Turkish Origin. So I have a meaningful name, the kid of lilies.

My dad also have made a calculation with time digit I’m born and he reached in 8, which means stable, Allan in Scottish means “Rock” so the name is more meaningful with the time I’m born. In Irish origin it means Handsome (I’m not sure if I will be or not)

I should be the youngest one to write this blog, although this is my father who writes. Hope to write more. Right now I’m under the close watch of doctors. I will be out to this world completely by this week end. See ya then.



1. WordPress - October 16, 2007

Hearty Welcome


2. Hari - October 28, 2007

Arun, you are awsome man…fresh and great ideas!

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