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I, the Little Soldier of Jesus – Christened on 23rd Dec 2007 December 23, 2007

Posted by allandlf in Life.

It’s my baptism today. It is 78th day after my birth. I’m officially named Allan De Little Flower. Little Flower shall be my guardian saint. My dad’s friends have wondered at my name. Some laughed, some were curios. Yet another was stunned. Well my dad wants each thing done better way never used.

Thanks to my god parents Febina George and Libin George. My god mother was the classmate of my parents at their college days. Libin is her brother and Junior of my dad and mom at St. Pauls College. Febina will get married soon, and libin as well, but not sooner. Lol, I will have two god parents then. I owe much to Febina, since she is my dad’s best favorite sister (not in blood) and my mom’s best friend. My dad had promised her to be his first born’s god mother and he has kept his words.

This Saturday, I mean 29th Dec 2007, I will go to my Dad’s house. It’s going to be all different, new room, new place, new atmosphere, new sounds, new visuals..Hmm… hey I started smiling at all moving things. My dad says, its a sign of intellectual growth. He had psychology as one the subjects for his graduation. He names it “Social Smile”



1. Sixtus Tarzon - March 21, 2008

This blog is a wonderful idea. A book of memories for tomorrow for the little one. Keep rocking! GOD bless…

arunchullikkal - March 11, 2009

Thank you sixtus

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