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I Rolled Over March 16, 2008

Posted by allandlf in Life.

I just rolled over, not once but four times today. I’m 5 months old. Everyone at my family were waiting for me to roll over. It’s again a sign of my physical growth. But my parents were little worried since I could not in the earlier days to roll over. I could easily raise my head up, but I think, I was bit afraid to roll, I thought I was going to fall. Well, it’s not a herculean task, I realize it now.

I’m thinking of uploading a few pics. But not yet done. Hope to do it soon.

I also started making experiments with sounds. At times I call amma (mama). I respond to some kind of talks. I hum with my mom’s cradle songs. I reach for toys. I like this colorful world.



1. Jisha - March 22, 2008

Dear “kid of lilies”,

.. so you have started to roll over, and sing with your amma. By the time you complete 2 years, you might have made “n” number of somersaults as well.

so, start your mischiefs now, you know your parents would definitely enjoy them 🙂

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