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A Day Out May 21, 2008

Posted by allandlf in Travel.

That was my first outing. My papa’s friends in Poornam, were to go for an dev tour to Wagamon and Kurisumala. Me and Amma were special invitees. Early in the morning, we went to Papa’s office by bike. I think my Papa seldom checks the fuels status. This time too, he forgot to fill the fuel and on the way, we were stuck. However he manged to reach in time.

That was the first time, I see my papa’s office..lots of aunts and uncles. We board in the tour van. I was astonished to see it. I big van which can have many people, was a matter of wonder for me. Amma sat at the widow seat. I saw trees and men are running back. But in few seconds, I fell asleep.

In the afternoon we reached the place. As soon as we got down, most of us started taking snaps. Well, Thakkudu and I were the stars. Thakkudu is the daughter of Agni Uncle and Priya aunty. She is elder to me. After the snaps we climbed a hill. Well at the top of the hills, it was arranged for our lunch. At the rolling meadows, I want to roll over. But, since I was just 6 months old, my Amma had never allowed me to fly my own way. We had a nice trecking too at the pine forest. When it started raining, we set back out. All the way back, I was sleeping.

For me outing was some visuals. Many people in one bus, lots of trees, smiling aunts and uncles, lots of sounds. What can a 6 month child do more than this.



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