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My First Birthday October 15, 2008

Posted by allandlf in Events.

As my first birthday comes up, I have lots to things to say. I started walking without support, although there is always a chance to fall. On my birthday, my granny’s sister had gifted me a small bicycle. My god, it’s hard to drive. I wonder how my papa drives his much bigger motor bike. What I can possibly do is, to sit on bicycle and the others will push-pull it. Anyway, I’m the driver.

Driving is becoming more passionate for me. In our car, I would like to site near to my grandpa. I seriously watch wahatever he does. AS soon as he vacates, I get in the seat and start rorating the steering and do something with the gear lever. Well, now I know to play the stereo, he he he.

Oct 15, is my birthday. In the morning I went to church with my parents. They bought some sweets and eddibles. As the Holy Mass was over, we went to the nearest orphanage. There we handed over the sweets and eddibles to the mother superior. I just liked that place. There were lots of kids, but elder than me. I played with them for a while.

Papa had arranged a small party in the after. It was at a hotel. Unfortunately my grand parents could not attend it as they had to go to hospital since granny’s sister was hospitalised. At hotel, we came little bit early. I was in the new suit gifted by my parents. It was a light purple designer suit.

In a moment, my god parents, Libin and Feby came. They bought the B’day cake saying “I’m one year old”. We had a nice party. Shyam, my vallyacha and my parents’ classmate, gifted me a nice caterpiiler. Wow, it’s eyes are so big and moving. Happy b’day to me.



1. കാട്ടിപ്പരുത്തി - November 4, 2009

How how nicely she wrotes at this age- congrajs

Mamy many happy returns of the day

arunchullikkal - March 14, 2010

It is he rasheedikka

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