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On My First Pilgrimage December 23, 2008

Posted by allandlf in Travel.

19, Dec, 2008: Papa, resigned from Poornam today. He has got a job in UAE and will be leaving for in a month. Poornam was nice place to be for him. He talks much about Poornam to my mom and I’m very familiar with that ‘word’ only and I know nothing more about his office. I have been to there, when Nasra aunty was given a seen off and ere, for my first outing. The second thing for today is: we are to set out for a pilgrimage to Velankanny, one of the major pilgrim centers of Our Lady in India. My Muththamma (muthazi, great grandmother) had promised homage to Her, that I will be shaven off my first hairs before Our Lady at Velankanny. My Papa always laugh at the idea, that Saints or Our Lady of particular place have a special grace and mighty. For him, the presence of God and Saints is similar to all the church and sacred places.

All the day my Amma and Mummy (granny) was busy with packing food and good for travel. By afternoon, Mini aunty, Amma’s cousin and her children joined them. I was happy to see them because they took me outside and made me laugh by funs. In the evening the bus moved to relatives’ home. As usual, I’m given in to my sweet numb. When I was awake, the bus was full with our kith and kin. Aquilin, daughter of Joshi uncle and Bendy aunty was there near me. She called me ”Alaa”. I smiled and her. It’s easy for her to call me Alaa (Allan), but for me, to call the name “Aquilin” was a difficult one. She is of my age, in fact I’m a week elder than her. We shared our biscuits and toffees. Although, I’m elder, she is mightier than me. She wanted to catch my nose and I, her hairs. Our parents were very careful that, we did not get in to a quarrel or a cry. Soon we both went to sleep. Well, that was the best sleep, through out the night I slept upon the chest of my Papa and Amma. They are the most secured place to sleep and rest.

In the morning when I woke up, I jumped into the hands of Grandpa. He took me to the coffee shop. That was a big tender coconut he bought me to drink. It was so sweet and cool. Our stay was already arranged. As soon we’re there, amma removed my clothes and I denied to wear a new one. It was too hot for me, even in that December. Amma and I went in to fight. Finally Papa came to support me, at the same time he did not disappoint Amma too, because I agreed to wear a short trouser. Papa and I went for shopping. To whichever I pointed, he bought me. When we’re back I was tired and fell in sleep.

When I woke up, it was evening and everyone was getting ready to go the Shrine. Amma help me to have a quick bath and we could make it to reach the shrine before the evening mass. There awaited a bitter experience for me, a clean shaven off of my head. As soon as the barber applied water on my hair, I started crying and was trying to slip away from his hands. That resulted in a bruise on my head. It hurt and my cry was louder and loudest. He was very expert that he could manage to give no more hurts to my head. Outside the barbers’ area, a man was standing with a bucket and sandal. Papa fetched a bucket of water from the sea and washed my head and applied sandal on my head. I looked like a Brahmin baby. The sandal provided a refrigerating feel on my skull and it was no more painful. Sister Aunty (Sister Alphonsa), as she is called, the elder sister of my granny, called us for a shopping. In fact she is the official sponsor of the tripJ.

Kilu (Kelvin) bought me some toys. He is 5 year old. I was also given many other toys buy my elder cousins, uncles and aunts. Through out the journey Kilu was behind me to make me happy always and created funs and games. On Sunday evening we packed up. Aquilin was not keeping well. She was tired and was always sleeping. I was dull but entertained that question. “Where is your hair?” I searched for the hair on my skull with my hand. It was an empty land. As soon as they see it, they started laughing and I joined them with my sweet smile.



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