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Papa Flew Away January 20, 2009

Posted by allandlf in Life.

That day, early in the morning I woke up. These days, Papa is available, because he has left Poornam and is waiting for his Visa to go to UAE. I did not know that he is going to fly on that day evening. But it should be a sixth sense that asked me to sleep on Papa’s chest in the morning. I’m going to miss that from next day on. Even if I was awaken, I kept on lying on his chest. He thought I’m still sleepy and did not disturb me. But finally I was caught as Amma saw me waken and smiling at her.

All the day, Papa was with me. That day we played a lot together. Do you know, Papa, Amma and Me are very closely tied up? It’s only some financial crisis that put Papa to make a decision to go abroad and work. Although Papa and Amma kept on smiling, they cannot even imagine to be departed for long. But it’s only the requirement of life and time, which make people to take tough decisions.

Papa’s flight was at 3.00 a.m. next day. So we all went to sleep early. At a moment, by a power unknown I woke up. Then I saw, Papa was walking away, waving his hands. My god! If I was not awaken by that time, I could not have even given him a smile and seen off. I thank that unknown power, which woke me up. Papa was then disappeared in the crowd and we went back to home. It is going to be a long span to see my Papa again. Papa I miss you so badly.



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