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Bakka, my Somersaulting Car and a Smiling Coffee Mug July 5, 2009

Posted by allandlf in Life.

That was the first courier addressed to me. Papa sent me coffee mug. He is adapted to the life in Dubai. He always surprises us with such a kind of gifts. And this one is with my smiling close up, pictured around the mug. Well, it can have a huge amount of coffee in it and it will be too large for me to drink. However, that is exclusively for me. Still, I’m not been permitted to use it. This is the age of tossing things. The mug is made up of clay and if it is given to me I can make it into pieces in a short while. So, for the time being it will be kept in the show-case. As I grew little more enough to keep brittles in my hand safely, it shall be given to me.


Papa sent me yet another gift. It is a somersaulting car. It turns left and right, straight and back. Moreover it somersaults. It’s a very funny kind. I named it “Bakka”. Bakka by word is a senseless and is not defined in any dictionary. For me, Bakka, means that somersaulting car. Whenever, Lichu (Lijith), my cousin comes and whenever I ask for “Bakka”, it will be on the floor remotely controlled by my Grandpa or Amma. Lichu also drives my bicycle. I like to play with him a lot. But he comes once in a fortnight or a month.


Chocolates have become a passion for me. Papa sent lots of chocolates. Amma and I are very fond of it. Poor Papa, he has to spend much money on chocolates. See, my Amma calls me. She is going to open the refrigerator. That is obviously to take the next pack of Galaxy (chocolate). See ya, I’m going to hack a bunch from her.



1. neelu - July 20, 2009

🙂 sweet!

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