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I can Say Who I’m July 21, 2009

Posted by allandlf in Life.

There is a common question around a baby. Even if someone knows it, they keep on asking, “Who is Vava (baby) here?”. Nor I have an escape. In a day, I face these questions, who is vava and what’s the name of me. Well, now I know how to answer them. Vava is me and my name is Allu. Lol, Allu is what I call my self. Not really, many call me Allu. I think a child will have lots of names. My Papa is crazy I think. He calls me any words like ‘tappoo’, ‘dunku’, ‘sudu’, etc. those sounds cute but could not be the sensible ones. ‘Kunjappu’ was the much popular name I was called. But now it is reduced to be called by Papa and Amma. Granny calls me ‘Lity’, Grandpa, ‘Soorya’ and Uncle, ‘Gugu’. I wonder how many names are there yet to be. However now I’m called ‘Allu’ the short of my name Allan De Little Flower. I do like to call my self ‘Allu’. Ain’t that cute?

It is the beginning of Monsoon. Lots of germs are around. Despite of every warning and precautions, I had to give in to a flew. It started with vomiting and ended up with my first hospitalization. I did not feel anything different in hospital. Okay, there were lots of children and I could jam with them. First two days I was too tired and sick to enjoy the blossoms around. I was resting upon my Amma’s lap. On the third day, I was gaining my spirit and enthusiasm, that pushed away my stagnation inside the hospital room. I wanted to run from one end to the other end of the corridor. I wanted to walk down and up the stairs. I wanted to rush in to other wards and rooms. Poor my Amma. She had to put up with me.
Nurse aunts were so nice to me. But I could not bear the bitterness of the medicines they supplied. Why should I have these bitter things when I can chew the sweets and chocos sent by my Papa?. But they did not understand my bla bla bla. The syringe and needle were yet another disguise. There was a fixed needle on my right hand through which they injected antibiotics. I started hating those white ghosts who rushed in to my room having a medicinal tray in hand. I assume that not any other child can love a nurse.
Back in home, it’s my dynasty now. Amma is going to a new school. But it’s now the part of life to me. In the earlier days I used to miss her. But now I have accepted routine. With grand ma, I know to check the ratio of salt in any curries. In fact, if she does not give to me, I go to grandpa and place a complaint against her. I don’t know how he understands my complaint. But he responded to me in the right way I wished. He acts like scolding and beating her and that makes me smile. After all, everyone wants a baby to smile and be happy. See ya later.


1. Truemon - October 21, 2009

Chulli.. the baby and writing is very cute 🙂 I enjoyed it reading.

arunchullikkal - November 2, 2009

Thanks da

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