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Papa! 30 Days’re not Enough January 25, 2010

Posted by allandlf in Life.

“Papa is coming”. It became a “in”phrase at home. Yes, he was coming for his first vacation last Dec. After my birthday, it was my next chance to celebrate. The happiness was double when I thought I could celebrate my third Christmas with him.

On the Dec 21st, early morning we went to receive him at the airport. We has jut arrived , while I saw my papa was coming out of the glass door. As soon as he got near to me I jumped into his hands. I wanted to let him know that how big I had grown and how long was my hair then. (When he had left, mine was a shaven head). Through out the journey back to my home, I kept on talking to him with my bla bla bla language. I don’t know how better he understood me. My amma, grand pa and grand ma acted as bi-linguist between us.

When we reached home, I asked him to open the boxes he has brought. His trolley bag was filled with chocolates. Its just like how the three ducklings in Ducktales jumped in, I dove into the chocolates. Well, my wish then was to make sure that the other big box he brought should be full of chocolates again. But he seemed too tired and we went to sleep for the morning.

Late in the morning when he woke up, I was just before him watching as to when he was going to open his eyes. “Papa! Open the other box” I was waiting for him to deliver this sentence. I was too much excited about the other box. Well, poor my papa, he did not even take his bed coffee. He came with me and opened the box. Well no chocolates this time. But why should I be sad? Half and quarter of the box was all toys-cars, robots-“but Papa, I asked for you to get me something?” In response he smiled at me. “Wewww! Here it is my sunny”. Yea, it was the train set I specially asked for. I thanked my papa’s friend who went through a lot of struggles to get the UK made one. Rest of the other sets Papa had seen were of metal and had lots sharpened edges which could easily hurt me. But this one is of solid plastic and has seldom chance to get hurt.

The days went in haste- spent Christmas with him, outing with Syam uncle and Nimmi aunty, Aqua Tour, daily walking to lake view and play ground, funny fights, his scolds when I ease myself inside the house, sleeping on his chest. My personal feeling is a child at my age should not have a papa working abroad, else they should be in a position to take us along with them. Well Papa, 30 days were not enough.


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