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I Own a Car on my Second Birth Day October 24, 2009

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I was born on the bright afternoon of Oct 2007. Before I talk about my second birthday, let me tell you that I have started learning words and spellings. I even know to count ‘One’, ‘Two’ and ‘Five’. Don’t ask me where three and four are. They are not game enough for me now. Well, I know to spell A-p-p-l-e. I can say Fish, Hello, Nay, Thank you, Plane, Kozhiyamma(Hen), Kakkachi(Crow) and many other words. I am still learning.
Oct 15, 2009 was my second birthday. Before that, sister aunty (elder sister of my granny, she is a nun) came to spent a few days with us. She is very fond of me and bought me some new dresses. Ah I had at least 5 pairs of new dress. On the day of my birthday, I was woken up early in the morning to go to church. I was very enthusiastic, feeling very comfortable and happy. In the evening we celebrated by giving dinner to the children at a near by orphanage. Papa and Amma are very idealistic about such things. They wanted to make my b’day meaningful. When I, Amma, Grandpa and Granny arrived at the orphanage, there were lots of innocent smiles to welcome us. They all wished me  with a Happy B day Song. We had nice time together.
Throughout the day, I kept on saying to everyone that it’s Allu’s Happy Birthday. I got some gifts from the nuns at the orphanage. In the evening, it was the turn of my Amma’s students. There was a big cake waiting for me. Again I was surrounded by the same music of happy birthday. Amma’s colleagues and students gave me yet some other gifts. But the big surprise was yet to be.
I am very fond of cars. Whenever I sit in the front seat of our car, as soon as the driver’s seat is empty I jump into it and start rotating the steering, trying to pull the gear lever and press the horn. I even know to play the music in the car stereo. Inside the room, my favorite toys are cars.
The Saturday after my birthday, I became the owner of a car. Yes, a toy but a Big Car, and I’m the only driver of it. Even my grandpa and pappa are not going to drive it. When I say driving, I mean it. It has got a steering, accelerator, horn and everything that is needed for car. The only problem is: I cannot drive it on the public roads. So what? It’s in my car I go to the wash room, the kitchen and the bed room. I’m a perfect driver now.
Papa was telling, he traveled in car only at the age of 18, but his son drives his own car when he is just 2 year old. That’s the generation gap Papa, you can’t expect things to be the same as it was at your age. Moreover Papa, you can say this story if I become F1 World Champion, LOL.


1. Farsad Khaleel - November 3, 2009

Alan will be so happy to read this blog when he grew up ! Good going Chulli.. Its soo soo sweet and I am wondering how you think like a baby ! Lots of creativity inside you BOSS !!

2. radhika hari - August 30, 2010

IIVAA!!! aapaka creativity ko salam karrnna zaroori hai…

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